In 1958, four local mothers began taking turns having each others preschool children in their homes one morning a week.  The children met on a regular basis, rotating homes each week.  Soon other friends and neighbors became interested in joining and within one year the group had grown to nine mothers and twelve children, ages three and four.  This is where our school was birthed.

The nursery, named Drayton Plains Nursery, became licensed in 1963.  Due to the growing number of children on the waiting list, they decided to divide the children into two groups according to age.  The board saw a need to change locations from where they were and did so in the summer of 1973.  They not only began the 1973-1974 school year at a new location, but also with a new name, Creative Cooperative Nursery.  By 1986 the name was changed to Creative Cooperative Preschool to differentiate the program from other day care centers and nurseries. 

Over the years, the school has been located in many church or community buildings including the Waterford C.A.I. building, Canterbury on the Lakes Health Care Center, Shepherd Fellowship Church, St. Stephen's school and have now found their home in Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church. 

 In order to keep prices affordable for families, parents are required to work in their child's classroom on a monthly basis, attend parent meetings bi-monthly and hold a "job" throughout the school year.  Jobs include duties such as a field trip coordinator, newsletter editor, photographer, or publicity/advertising chairperson. 

The school board is composed of parents who have been with the school for one or more years.  These positions include titles such as President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  These positions, as well as the parent jobs, are in place for the sole purpose that we are a parent administered school that is completely financed by registration, tuition fees and fundraisers.  Parent participation is important to the operation of this cooperative school.